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From: lisa – 9/3/2012

Story: My motivator is Thobeka Sobukwe, who put me through school. Today I am educated and respected because of her.


From: John – 9/11/12

Story: My very encouraging person is Jane Jenkins.

May her love and wisdom continue to guide my steps.

Peace and Love,

John Jenkins


From: Binette – 9/15/12

Story: Say what you need to say and damn the rest.  BUT, you made me look back at my last few posts, just to make sure.  If I was a SAHM, I would not be fussing, hence the qutnseeis of my posts on that discussion now that school is out.  I will say it is hard to wrangle 4 kids, 3 K9s, keep the house from looking like a nuclear wasteland, grade papers, plan I seem to run out of hours in the day.  But he noticed that was struggling and stepped up.I agree, my husband is FINALLY happy at work   after being married 13 years.  Teaching in the city ate him alive, he is too nice for an urban district.  That is what reminds me to breathe   he’s happy.  I think some fire wives feel there is no other outlet to vent and their blogs are the only place.  There was one today, I just moved on when I saw the discussion at hand.  Just how I will work with it.  The message boards on the other hand, I have lost interest in.  Some of the GFs and younger wives have such a different perspective than I do.  I would have LOVED this lifestyle at 25.  Before 4 kids.  The time to myself for me and my girls   that would have been great!So, my motto with this   to each their own.  There is always the back button!  I love your blog, say what you need to say.Happy Friday!



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