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Affordable Government

A government of, by, and for The People costs money.  By necessity, the ‘hand of government’ is in everyone’s pocket (through taxation). The fiduciary obligation of public servants (elected/appointed) is to find consistent and predictable ways to limit the ‘hand of government’ from going deeper into the pockets of The People. To provide quality and ‘needed’ services at an affordable investment level.

“Consent of the Governed” for An Affordable Tax Rate

As Mayor of Lewiston, Maine, we led the State of Maine in getting our fiscal ‘house’ in order by:

  • a) putting into local law, a proactive limit on municipal spending beyond a predictable measure (Coltrap Amendment). b) That our tax rate should, where possible, be level or lowered. c) Any increase in the tax rate should not exceed a nationally accepted standard rate. d) A taxable increase beyond the nationally accepted standard would need the public’s permission. The goal was to properly manage and where possible, decrease the ‘cost of living’ and doing business in our community.

Regional Service Center Partnerships

  • As Mayor of Lewiston and Maine State Senator, we initiated Maine’s first Regional Service Center initiative. Leaders from Maine’s Regional Service Centers attended our five meetings where the three part agenda was discussed. Attendees were encouraged by my three pronged approach. “As Regional Service Centers, let us work together to buy: 1) in bulk, those needed capital expenditures – big savings, 2) direct – big savings, 3) in Maine – to put our Brothers and Sisters to work and help ourselves rather than wait and look for outside rescuers. This work was featured on the dedication page of the Maine State Planning Office Report (see a copy on our website:

Resourceful Resources

  • As Mayor of Auburn, during the midst of a heating cost crisis, we initiated the much needed heating energy program of “Community Cords”. We discussed and realized that the current system of ‘assistance’ is designed for (and in some cases encourages) people to be poor enough to receive assistance. We needed the low-income assistance programs and also acknowledged that there were no programs for people who made ‘one penny too many’ (average income earners) to qualify for assistance. Community Cords was designed to professionally plan and harvest marketable wood-stock. The proceeds would assist those average income families with heating assistance. We made the conscious decision to also look out for the ‘little guy and woman’ in the community.
  • As Lewiston Mayor, we started the first “Lewiston Business To Business Expo” which has now grown into the Androscoggin Business To Business Trade Show. As Governor, we will provide the statewide leadership to create economic synergy for a sustainable Maine future.

This is a small part of my proven service and leadership. This is why I am running to be the next Governor of the State of Maine. These and other initiatives have already worked and will  work for our state. -John Jenkins, Independent for Governor

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