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CNA: Caregivers Need Appreciation

The Hands: From Rocking the Cradle to Holding the Ladle-John Jenkins

Ours are not the ‘hands that rock the cradle’ (poet William Ross Wallace), but are the hands that hold the ladle to feed and care for those who rocked many cradles throughout their lives. CNA’s (and other professional care providers) are called upon to do the menial and meaningful tasks that promote hope, health, healing, and a dignified quality of life. When possible, please take a moment to acknowledge and thank those who provide essential life sustaining services for loved ones everywhere.  Fortunate to be part of this amazing opportunity of hope, healing, and honoring those on whose shoulders we stand. My growing healthcare credentials will be CRMA/CNA (more growth steps ahead). Peace, John Jenkins CRMA/CNA / / e-mail:

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