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About Our Founder: Honorable John Jenkins

Tai-Chi Therapy: About Our Founder – The Honorable John Jenkins                                                         

For more than 35 years our founder has successfully promoted personal and professional development seminars.

He has lectured and trained throughout the U.S., Japan, and the People’s Republic of China.

From the toughest neighborhoods in Newark, New Jersey to becoming a historically elected leader in Maine, the arc of Mr. Jenkins’ life includes:

Professional Services:

  • Founder/President: Tai-Chi Therapy™ – Tailored Wellness for Balance In & Of Life
  • Notary Nuptials™: Specialized services for weddings, notary, and official documentation
  •™: Tailored seminars for learners & leaders of all ages and abilities

Public Service:

  • Mayor of Lewiston, Maine
  • Maine State Senator
  • Mayor of Auburn, Maine (first person in Maine history to serve as Mayor of two municipalities and win a citizen-initiated Mayoral write-in campaign)
  • U.S. Department of Labor – Glass Ceiling Commissioner (published report)
  • Director – Maine State Diversity Commission (published report)
  • Board of Trustees – New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC)
  • CBS News Wellness Consultant
  • Critical Skills Instructor Trainer – Maine Criminal Justice Academy
  • Instructor Award – Maine National Guard “Mission: Enduring Iraqi Freedom”
  • Initiated Maine’s first Regional Community Service-Center Coalition

Leadership Recognitions from the:

  • Maine State Museum: John Jenkins Collection featuring historic facts & artifacts
  • Chamber of Commerce Leadership Award
  • State Legislatures of: New Jersey, Maine, and Kentucky
  • State of Kentucky – Kentucky Colonel
  • Maine Bar Association – Judge John W. Ballou Community Leadership Award (first non-attorney to win the state’s highest leadership award)
  • Congressional Recognition: U.S. 99th Congress-by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, W. Virginia

Athletic Achievements:

  • Lewiston/Auburn Sports Hall of Fame
  • Maine State Sports Hall of Fame
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (former Martial Arts International Champion)

Mr. Jenkins is an accomplished: author, educator, trainer, leader, and national public speaker.

Invite him to be your next guest presenter: The Honorable John Jenkins


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