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Adult Testimonials

“John Jenkins and his programs are contagious!”

“If I had learned this stuff before, I wouldn’t be in prison today!”

“So inspirational! I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“Engaging and inspiring. Great speaker, lovely program, really educational.”

“Lively, engaging and wonderful ability to connect quickly.”

“Can’t wait to see it in action with students! Fantastic concepts. Lovely man with brilliant ideas & energy…”

“John Jenkins and his programs are contagious!”

“Lively, engaging and wonderful ability to connect quickly.”

“Very well spoken, inspirational, great presenter and presentation.”

“On target. Love the empowerment concept. I the students can hitch their aspirations to the program design, the sky’s the limit!”

“Good title, Great acronym! Dynamic, humorous, inspirational. Excellent! Can use a lot of it teaching my children and students.”

“Wonderful content, valid, user friendly, importance of informed choices/decision making can’t be stressed enough.”

Youth Testimonials

“Inspired To Be GREAT! It’s a really good slogan and a really great program!”

“I think this seminar will make an impact on anyone who attends.”

“Upbeat, fun, and gets the message across really well.”

“I really think the themes discussed were interesting and are useful in the real world.”

“So original, but so helpful and true. Made me feel like other people have the same issues/thoughts and what to do to fix them.”

“I thought is was very informational. It was really informational and it brought a lot of thoughts about life and my leadership.”

“John Jenkins: A selfless leader, enjoyable, relatable and easy to listen to and made sense to the audience.”

“This program is different than anything else in that it would give actual tools and ideas to apply. The presentation actually spoke to me and got me thinking about my goals for life.”

“We hear a lot of motivational speakers talk about ‘their’ success. This is the first program that teaches us how ‘we’ can achieve our life goals.”

“Schools do a great job of teaching us ’what’ to think. This is the first program that teaches us ‘how’ to think.”

“The age “ruler” theme was interesting because it shows me that we must take charge and have a plan early in life.”

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