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Greetings Family & Friends,
Voices of our community are being heard loud and clear. It is important that all perspectives be included in finding ways to live in mutual respect and with dignity. This is an attempt to encourage a male perspective in joining this important conversation that is long overdue. It is not an answer but hopefully, is a launching point for healthy, respectful, and meaningful dialogue for all. -John Jenkins #WithYou

#WithYou is an attempt to foster healthy community discussions. Please join the conversation. #WithYou

I am #WithYou, are you?

Our Community Dialogue Engagement Questions:

  1. How did we get here?
  2. How is it affecting you/me?
  3. What can I/we do to improve the situation?
  4. How can we help others to engage in this conversation?
  5. What lessons/behaviors (attitudes and actions) can we instill in the next generation of leaders (today’s student)?

Engagement Guidelines:

  • One voice speaking at a time.
  • All opinions are equally valued without judgement of right or wrong.
  • Questions are more important than comments.
  • Own your truth and respect that of others.
  • Be open to listening for and embracing that moment when you learn new information to better inform your awareness.

Five C’s of A Good Man – A Male Perspective:

There are many men who are:

  1. Courageous to ask questions.
  2. Compassionate to truly understand another’s need.
  3. Confident to serve and support other’s progress.
  4. Committed to self improvement and that of others.
  5. Curious to learning more today than yesterday.

Thank you for engaging in this essential process to build a better society for all.

“Healthy relationships lead to healthy families. Healthy families lead to healthy communities. Healthy communities lead to a healthy state, nation, and world.”-Honorable John Jenkins

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